Would you like to Buy a Cute Maltese Puppy?

If you are dreaming about a cute puppy, Maltese will be a perfect choice! Before purchasing a representative of this breed you need to know the following: puppy is available for sale only after 2,5-3 months from birth. We offer puppies with complete inoculation and all the necessary RKF papers. These documents are important because they provide guarantee that you’re purchasing a real Maltese — a dog of your dream.

List of recommendations

You should take into account that the cost of a Maltese puppy may vary due to origin of a particular representative and its further perspectives as well. For example, if a puppy was born from a couple of champions, it will have higher price. Before making a purchase you have to decide for yourself whether you want a dog for your soul and delight or plan taking part in various events.

Maltese puppies have very small size that’s why they are being sold only as pets. Usually they don’t take part nor in shows neither in breeding.

Buying a dog in our kennel we will provide you with expert consultations for the entire dog’s life. This is one of the privileges of our company.

Moreover, we recommend reading the information on forums and other web-resources concerning this breed. You have to be aware about the existing risks that are connected with particular illnesses that Malteses may suffer from.

Average life cycle of a Maltese is around 15 years, so be ready to take long-lasting responsibility.

About the Breed

The Maltese are very smart, attractive and devoted dogs. They are extremely energetic that’r why require long walks. They will be a perfect company for kids and other animals. One specific feature of Meltese is that they have a little body but act like big dogs. Their features of character can be easily understood from the first acquaintance. They are brave and fast and will serve as the best alarm about strange noises or something else. They can be trained to bark excessively. Some Malteses can be rather picky to their food ration, so be ready to share your delicatessen with them. Meltesers require constant attention towards their hair and eyes. The improper food can lead to eyes leaking. Their hair needs to be brushed on a daily manner so that it won’t become tangled. Many owners are giving their lapdogs nice haircuts that will make the process of hair care much easier.

We provide shipping services all around the world. Our company if located in Moscow, the capital of Russia. You can make an appointment for a personal visit and choose your future family member by yourself. If you don’t have a chance to visit us personally, we’ll willingly deliver a puppy to your place. Pets from our kennel are living all over the world with their loving and caring owners. We have enough experience so that we can guarantee safe and comfortable pet transportation. Delivery may be implemented by various means of transport: plane, train or car. Sometimes delivery is implemented be a special career. The price for delivery services depends on the way and destination. All the details are arranged with a customer individually. If you plan to travel on your own, we’ll prepare all the necessary documents for your pet. Just let us know!

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