Transports animals to Europe from Russia

Our company transports animals to Europe from Russia exactly to the specified address. We have a responsible and individual approach to each order. Our managers will correctly select the route, hold the necessary consultation, and the drivers will quickly and with care take the pets straight to the recipient’s house. Advantages in transportation of animals in Europe by car. Our cars have the following equipment:

  • Special containers for professional and safe transports of pets;
  • Roomy trunk for things;
  • GPS monitoring;
  • CCTV cameras.

On the way, the driver makes several stops to feed the animal, and walks him three times. Container doors are equipped with comfortable drinking bowls with water. During a stop, our employees take several photos and videos of animals and the surroundings. This report is sent to customers. Thus, you are always calm about the health and general condition of the pet.

Our drivers are in touch around the clock with both you and the recipient of animal. For the convenience of customers, we carry out GPS monitoring of vehicles, so you can see the location of car at any time.

For a comfortable and quick transports of animals from Russia to Europe, two drivers are traveling, so the trip takes a minimum of time.

The list of our services:

  • Quick registration of a veterinary certificate (Form 1) in a state clinic.
  • Exchange certificate of Form1 for euro certificate directly at the airport with a veterinarian.
  • Providing a container.
  • transports animals to Europe from Russia

If necessary, you can take advantage of additional services:

  • Assistance in obtaining a passport for a pet.
  • Chip installation.
  • Arranging meetings and boarding anywhere in Moscow, including airports, on a 24-hour basis.
  • Keeping a pet at home.

How to order a service?

All details on Transports animals to Europe from Russia can be clarified by calling us on the phone or by leaving an online application on the site. We will answer all your questions. Call us!