Urgently make documents for the export of animals

We make documents for the transportation and export of animals as soon as possible

Documents for the export and transportation of animals with delivery

If you bought a puppy or kitten and want to go on a trip with your pet, you need to get a veterinary passport where all vaccinations will be indicated. We will help you draw up documents for the transportation and export of animals in accordance with applicable standards.

It is very imperative to vaccinate and chip the pet in order to transport the animal across the border of a city or country. Need documents.

Prevention of dangerous viral and infectious diseases is to vaccinate animals: all pets must be vaccinated at the age of two months.

The standard form of vaccination is universal for cats and dogs: they are given the first vaccination, and after 21 days they are given a second vaccination. The veterinarian takes into account a number of factors (age, condition of the animal, type of vaccine, etc.) and if it is necessary offers to vaccinate according to an individual schedule. In any case this is a comprehensive vaccine for the prevention of several diseases and rabies.

Important! No matter whether you are planning a trip to Russia or abroad the term of the last vaccination should be at least 21 days.

If you want to go to Europe with your pet you definitely need to chip it either before the rabies vaccination or on the day of vaccination. This should be noted on the veterinary passport.

The veterinarian can come home to:

  • vaccinate pets (cat, dog, raccoon, rabbit and others);
  • put the chip and enter information into the international database;
  • issue an international passport.

If you need to make documents for a trip as soon as possible and have any difficulties, please contact us. If you need to make documents for the export as soon as possible and have any difficulties, please contact us too. We will help you to get a documents for the export of animals in a short time.

Veterinary passport

The main document for traveling with a pet is a veterinary passport of an international standard indicating rabies vaccination 30 days prior to departure. We will prepare a document, and in case of loss or damage we will restore it according to the database. You can buy a veterinary passport from us within an hour. Registration takes place in a veterinary clinic. It is possible to send an EMS document by mail to the cities of the regions of the Russian Federation. The price is about 500 rubles.

Certificate of form 1

To travel around Russia this document is not required today: a veterinary passport is sufficient within the country. For overseas trips on the basis of an available passport with vaccinations, a certificate of form 1 is issued. There is the possibility of urgent processing of documents for the export of puppies, kittens and adult animals in the veterinary clinic.

Veterinary certificate

The document is issued immediately before departure at the airport. Also, a certificate can be issued 14 days before departure at the following address: Moscow, 37 Donskaya St., Building 3, City Veterinary Committee. When traveling by car, a veterinary certificate can be obtained at any airport in Moscow.

Why are pet owners contacting us?

Only professional veterinarians work for us.

Strictly abide by the agreed deadlines. According to the established model, we draw up documents for the export of puppies, kittens and adult pets on the day of contacting us.
We make vaccinations and draw up veterinary passports daily at a convenient time for you. Documents are valid in all European countries and in the USA.
We offer urgent paperwork. We work 24/7 and arrange the delivery of veterinary passports to any city of Russia.
We provide services at affordable prices. Our rates are the lowest in this service sector.
We offer a wide range of vaccines. We have all types of pet vaccines at our disposal. Look at your pet’s veterinary passport which vaccines have been used before and let us know.
We issue a veterinary passport for traveling abroad. Do you urgently need to get a passport for your pet? We are ready to come home on the day of your request - to chip and vaccinate animals.