Buy Biewer Yorkshire terrier

If you are dreaming about purchasing a puppy of Biewer Yorkshire terrier you have to know that they are available for sale after 2,5-3 monthts after birth. Purchasing a puppy in our company you are getting all the necessary documents and, moreover, they are being sold with all vaccines, chip and RKF papers. Biewer puppies are considered as a high value of our company, that's why we care about preparing all the documents before transferring them to a customer.

The cost of a Biewer puppy is influenced by the quality of a certain puppy, its pedigree and perspectives. Puppies of parents both of which are champions may have higher price. Before purchasing a puppy we recommend determining the reasons why you want yo have a dog. Decide whether you want just a pet for soul or plan its participation in various shows and alike activities. You have to take into consideration that mini Biewers are available for sale only as pets — they have very small size and weight due to that can’t take part in shows or breeding. We implement individual approch to every single puppy and select his future iwner very carefully. Thus, if you’re purchasing a multi colour small yorkie, we provide you with detailedprofessional consultation for lifelong. This is one of the previleges of purchasing a puppy in our kennel. In order to be aware of the characteristics of the Biewer Yorkshire representatives, you need constant viewing information on public sources. The average lifecycle of biewer is 15 years, so, please, be ready to take longlasting responsibility for your future pet.

In the middle of 1980-es in the Hunsruck town, Germany, the first samples of Yourkshires were born in a family of breeders named Werner and Gertrude Biewer. Mother and father were world-wide champions of the Yorkshire breed — Darling and Fru-Fru von Friedheck. As a result of 20 years work with dogs of this breed, the appearance of biewers with white spots was cinsidered as a big mistery, that made the experts to start studying the potential recessive gene in the dog within their pedigree. The research resulted the creation of the amazing Biewer yorkie. In spring 1988, Werner Biewer decided to organize participating of his pets on the show for the first time. The event took place in the city of Wiesbaden and the owner named his dogs black white york terriers. The name of the Biewer Yorkies is often complemented with a phrase “à la Pom Pon” that is interpreted from French as “ball of yarn”.

We are implmenting services of puppies shipping all around the world. Our delivery company is located in Moscow, the capital of Russia. You can pay us a personal visit by previous appointment in order to see all our puppies and select the one that suits you most. If you don’t have a chance yo visit us personally, we will willingly implement the delivery service. Pets purchaced from us are delighting owners all over the world, ang as a matter of continuous and hard work, we’ve gained a priceless experience and ll the necessary contacts in order to provide safe and comfourtable delivery worldwide. Taking into consideration customer’s location, we can arrange car, train or air delivery. During the trip your pet will be provided with a staff member who will take care of it. There are some cases when the delivery is organized via special carrier. The delivery price will depend on its way and destination and is being arranged individually with the customer. If a puppy has to be delivered in the territory of ES or Latin America, for example, the average cost will be around €350-500. If you are taking a pet personaly from pur place, we are ready to provide you with all the necessary documents prerared beforehand. We kindly request you to contact us for more details!

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