International transportation of animals

Why can you entrust us with the international transportation of animals?

Our services

Transporting animals is always stressful for pets. They are afraid of unfamiliar surroundings, loud sounds and the bustle around. They do not tolerate pressure drop on the plane and shaking on the bus. And transport companies often insist on transporting animals in the luggage compartment, where conditions can hardly be called comfortable. The situation is also aggravated by the fact that there is no owner nearby owner who could calm the animal.

Our company has taken on a difficult and very important mission: to turn any long journey for your pet into an exciting adventure. We are a team of professionals that specialize in the international transportation of animals.

Our company provides comprehensive services for animals and their owners. We help to draw up documents for transporting a pet abroad, provide comfort and safety for four-legged passengers on the way. We use automobile and air transport, we deliver pets with and without escort anywhere in the world.

The cost of services includes a report in the form of videos and photos so that you are aware of each stage of the journey, because we know how you worry about your pets.

Transportation of dogs and puppies, cats and kittens

International transportation of animal requires competent preparation, because on the way it is important not only the availability of food and water, but also the psychological comfort of pet. It is difficult for dogs to sit in a car or airplane cabin for a long time. And if the breed is large, carriers will probably require you to put a dog in the luggage compartment.

Our company organizes a safe and comfortable trip across Russia or abroad for a dog of any age. We do not use strong pharmaceuticals to calm animals, and experienced cynologist watch the pet during the trip.

Our advantages

We are engaged in the international transportation of animals to Europe, CIS, Asia, USA, Arab countries.

We work under a contract for quality, but not for quantity. With us, your pets will be in comfort and safety.

We provide the customer with a report in the form of photos and videos.

Each additional animal is transported at a discount.