Transportation of animals by car

Advantages in transportation of animals by car

Our company specializes in transporting pets. If the distance is relatively short, we recommend transportation of animals by car. Dogs, cats and birds can more easily tolerate movement by car than by plane. We accept orders for transportation of pets for short and long distances (within Moscow and the region, or between regions).

Our company guarantees comfortable and safe travel conditions for pets: we use auto that are specially equipped to transport dogs, cats and other pets. You can order a joint trip with your pet or hire our escort for him (if the animal is calm, then accompaniment is not necessary). We will send you photos and videos so that you can see all the stages of transportation of animals by car.

Cost for transportation of animals by car

The site contains current rates. The final cost for transportation of animals by car depends on the distance and features of trip: the amount of luggage and accompanying persons, as well as the size of pet. We will say the final price in advance, before the trip.

Requirements for transportation of animals by car

To travel, we need a pet carrier or cage (it depends on the animal size). They need clean water and bedding. Pet carrier must be spacious enough so that the animal can freely stand and turn around its axis. It is advisable to feed the pet a few hours before the trip.

Our employees will take on all the hassle associated with transportation. They will prepare the animal, walk it and take care of its comfort and safety. Entrust your pet to professionals!

Messengers to contact the animal transportation department: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber.

Advantages of transporting animals in a car

This service has many advantages:

  • We will bring the car directly to the entrance, and we will get a pet even to settlements remote from the railway and airports.
  • We will lay the route, taking into account the wishes of the client, as well as make stops in selected places.
  • The car has all the hygiene products that may be required on the way.
  • The salon is spacious. We choose a car taking into account the size of pet and number of people who accompany it.
  • Our driver is a real professional who understands the behavior of animals, so he is ready for any unusual situations.

Tips for owners for transporting animals by car

  • beware of overheating when transportation of animals by car. Heat exhaustion in dogs can lead to serious and potentially fatal conditions. Dogs and cats are very prone to extreme temperature changes. Even in cool weather, the sun's rays can heat up the interior. Provide drinking water for the animal and regular toilet trips. So the trip will be painless and comfortable for the pet;
  • take a piece of the house. The animal tolerates travel better if there is a familiar toy or object nearby: a favorite rug, food and a familiar bowl;
  • don't forget the first aid kit. Anything can happen on the road. Better to be safe;
    park in the shade. If you need to get out of the car for more than five minutes, then stop at the scorching sun;
  • do not feed the animal before traveling. The animal can get seasick on the road, after which you will have to wash the expensive interior of the car;
  • plan ahead. See if there is a veterinary clinic on the way in case of an emergency. You can also attach a collar with a phone number in case of loss;
  • do not let the animal stick out of the window. The pet can fall out at full speed, or pick up dust or cold air;
  • use the harness for your pet.