Transportation of animals from Russia to Belarus

Transportation of animals from Russia to Belarus
is one of the directions of our company. We will help you organize a joint trip with your pet, or send him abroad accompanied by an employee of the company.

How to order a pet delivery service in our company?

You may need the transportation of animals from Russia to Belarus during a long business trip, when moving, buying and selling a pet, as well as participating in international competitions.

Our company will take care of the safety and comfort of your animal. We
will prepare a pet passport, make vaccinations and help pack the necessary things for trip.

Our experts are well versed in zoopsychology, so you can be sure that
your animal will be in a safe and comfortable environment. To order
the service, leave a request on the website or contact our manager by phone.

The cost for transportation of animal by car to Belarus from Russia

We conclude an agreement with each customer, in which we indicate the final cost of services and write guarantees. The price for transportation of animals to Belarus depends on the distance and the selected delivery conditions.

Animals transportation from Russia to Belarus

The rules of animal transportation adjusted by our company depend on the mean of transport for further delivery. We are always trying to plan the entire route (if possible). It helps to fulfill the preparation procedure for traveling in any vehicle. It’s important because the rules for transporting animals may vary depending on the mean of transport. Therefore, knowledge will be helpful for risks minimizing during the trip. Minimum requirements are applied for traveling by personal car. Before purchasing a ticket for an airplane or train, it’s important to get all the details concerning the issue.

Moreover, you have to remember that traveling is stressful for any animal. For preventing the sudden aggressive behavior of a pet, it’s necessary to prepare it for new circumstances. The pet is gradually accustomed to a cage, while it’s being used at home as a shelter. The pet gets its favorite toy on a trip. For sensitive animals, a veterinarian prescribes sedative medication.