Buy a puppy from a responsible breeder.

Call us and we will help you choose and buy a puppy from the best breeders.

World pet delivery is a pet buy and search company.

Our canine association includes the most famous kennels and breeders from different parts of the world. We can offer you more than a hundred different breeds of puppies and kittens.

Very often people follow their impulsive wish to buy a pet. But soon they begin to have problems, e.g. the expression of unexpected features of a dog’s character, illnesses and simply a mismatch of the owner’s lifestyle with the temperament of the animal. Unscrupulous breeders may sell a puppy that, due to its breed, cannot stay at home for a long time and requires much attention and a long walk while the buyers spend most of the day at work

The bored puppy may start to entertain himself and gnaw everything in the home, which must make the owners sad and disappointed. When puppies can no longer be returned to the breeder or the pet store, they may end up on the street or in shelters.

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World pet delivery is a company with a large base of experienced and trusted breeders.

We will help you with the choice and buy of your pet. All pets from our partners are healthy, purebred, have titled parents.

Puppies undergo a full health assessment by our international-class expert during the certification (i.e. inspection, evaluation, registration, branding or chipping).

All the whelps have been vaccinated according to their age. They have also been branded or a chip has been implanted. The animals which we help you buy are usually between 1.5 and 3 months old. We sell a puppy and give a full set of documents, including the birth certificate (so-called Puppy Card, which is later exchanged for the pedigree) and the Veterinary Passport of an international standard.

You will also receive detailed written instructions how to raise a purebred puppy, developed by our experienced dog breeders. Our canine association and the Union of Dog Training Organizations of Russia hold dog shows and conformation shows several times a year.

Here you can buy a pet from the best breeders from around the world. We will help you choose and buy a puppy or kitten from the best nurseries!