Buy Yorkshire Terriers. Puppies of Yorkshire Terriers Available for Sale!

If you’re planning to buy a Yorkshire terrier, we’re glad to inform you that we sell puppies with all the documents (including RKF), with all the vaccinations and chips. Take into consideration, that puppies are available for sale after 2,5-3 months after their birth. The presence of all the documents is important because it’s a guarantee of the origin of the breed. It should be mentioned that Yorkies are a part of our company’s pride.

The cost of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy is influenced by the quality of a certain representative, its pedigree, and further perspectives. For example, a puppy of a couple of champions may have a higher price. Before purchase, you have to decide whether you want a pet or plan to take your dog for various events. If you need a pet, we recommend you pay attention to cute mini Yorkies. Due to small size and weight they can not participate in special events such as contests and expositions.

Buying a puppy from our kennel you will be provided with a lifetime expert consultation. It should be mentioned that representatives of this breed are quite specific so that they may need special care.

Be sure to learn information about proper feeding, care of Yorkies, and also take into consideration all the existing risks that are connected with diseases that they can suffer from. Experienced specialists of our company, in turn, are always ready to provide you with all the necessary information and advice. Remember, that buying a York has to be a deliberate decision as they live around 15 years. So, you have to be ready for a long-lasting responsibility.

York is not just a glamorous dog that you can carry with you everywhere. These are real terriers – smart, active, and courageous. Yorkies are devoted to their owners, and, moreover, they are very friendly with kids and other animals. Yorks don’t like to stay alone, and adore to be in the center of various activities. This dog will willingly join the children’s interactions. Consistent training allows developing obedience and skills in your dog. The key advantage of the breed representatives is that they are highly devoted to their owners. It means that your York will be your faithful friend for a long time.

Special Care

Luxurious silky hair is the main benefit of Yorkshire Terriers. Their body has steel, bluish color, the legs and head have a pleasant golden hue. The silky hair of York is very similar to the hair of a human being. The absence of an undercoat is the main reason for their popularity among those who are allergic to wool. It can be defined with confidence that this breed is one of the most popular all around the world.

The hair of Yorks require proper and regular care:

  • weekly the dog needs to be washed with a specialized shampoo;
  • make a habit of combing your pet’s coat on a daily basis;
  • for dogs that will participate in various events, a special hair cut is recommended. They need to be bathed every two weeks;

nutrition is the key factor in your dog’s health. Yorks need to be fed only with high-quality feed.Lack of undercoat is the reason of Yorks’ vulnerability to low temperatures.

That’s why buying special clothing for your dog is highly recommended. Several warm coats allow you to walk with your favorite pet even in cold winter days.

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