Transportation of animals in Russia

Transportation of animals in Russia

Transportation of animals in Russia is a popular service among pet owners. Our help may be required if you are moving, buying or selling kittens and puppies, planning to participate in exhibitions and competitions.

We will help to transport your pet to any city in the country.

The advantages in transportation of animals in Russia from our company

1) Qualified staff. We are a team of professionals who love and understand our little friends. Our employees understand the psychology and physiology of pets and therefore are ready for any incidents.

2) Security assurance. We work according to all the rules: we prepare the animals for transportation, draw up documents at the veterinarian and make sure that the conditions in the car are comfortable for the pet.

3) Modern service. Transportation of animals in Russia is a comprehensive service that involves sending a kitten or puppy to another city with or without accompaniment.

4) Report in the form of photos and videos. If the pet travels alone, we regularly send travel reports to the owner.

How to transport an animal in another city?

To order the service, you need to leave a request on the site or call the phone number listed at the top of the page. When placing an order, specify the destination, and we will make the most convenient route.

The cost for transportation of animals in Russia by car

Our intercity transportation services are available to each pet owner. The site contains current prices, but the final price may change after discussing all the nuances of trip.

Our messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber.

Which animals are allowed to transport?

It’s cool, of course, that you can travel with your pets on a law basis. It’s confirmed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, namely, its article 27, that points out that citizens are free to travel around the country with their pets. One can transport any pets within reasonable limits: dogs, cats, birds, small reptiles, and rodents. When transporting large animals or representatives of rare species, the owner may face certain difficulties regarding documentation and special vehicles for transportation. Usually, it’s a matter of whole companies specializing in animal transportation.

But, if you’re not traveling with a cheetah, then you have to take into consideration not so many requirements.

However, if you want to move around the country freely or even to cross its borders with your pet, you have to comply with the applicable sanitary and epidemiological rules. Before the trip, you also have to show your animal to the veterinarian and to obtain permission for transportation. Those rules are set by the law and confirmed by related amendments No. 4979-1, (May 14, 1993).

According to the updated rules, in long-distance Russian train veterinary accompanying documents for transporting animals are not required. It’s valid only in case if the carriage is not related to commercial activity and the pet’s owner hasn’t changed. A list of requirements depends on the mean of transport you use.