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First of all, you need to realize that the breed of Birro Yorkshire Terriers is considered as a new, so that it’s not yet confirmed by RKF or FCI. So, these dogs won’t be able to participate in some events. First registration of Biro Yorkies was implemented by German International Biewer Club (IBC). After some time passed the breed was also registered by German Union of Breeders. Thus, puppies are getting the documentation according to all the requirements of the Club. It has to be mentioned that the club don’t use any stamping. Chipping is implemented according to the customer’s requires. The vaccinating is providedaccording to the existing standards and the puppies receive international form of veterinary passport. Biro Yorkshire Terriers can take part in the events outside the AKC or FCI systems.

Winter of 2004 and 2005 was signifcent due to birth of two baby puppies with non-typical colour in nurceriesof Germany. Their age difference was only half a year. They had brown chocolate colour with a white background and extraordinary golden colour on the heads. Such a colour delighted the breeders so much that they decided to join their powers and, as a result, the breed of Biro Yorkshire Terrier was registered in a very short period. Even that the breed has been created not long time ago, it’s popularity grows extremely fast. The secret of their popularity lies in their original chocolate colour. Probably, the dogs should have been called tiramisy, but due to their rapid success and high prospects, the breeders named these dogs after themselves. The acronym Biro is formed with creators’ names — Roberto Kra and Birgit Rösner. Pandy Sharm kennel was the first one that brought Biro Yorkshires to the territory of Russia. We just couldn’t help waiting!

Temperament of Biro Yorkie

Additionally to its extraordinary appearancem Biro Yorkshires can boast an amazing intelligence and temperament. Talking about the mature and appearance of Biros it should be mentioned that they took them from York terriers — they have the same harmony. Biros are easy to train, they are able to feel the owner’s mood and, moreover, constantly demonstrate affectionate and loyal attitude. Due to their small size Biro Yorks will feel comfortable in the smallest place while their courage and social manner will turn them to the best friends. They are used to the high life and adore to be on the owner’s hands. No matter where they are — Biros will be in the centre of mass attention and delight.

It should be mentioned that this breed adores to spend time in the company of the youngest family members. Like most kids, they are active and curious, always resdy to join children’s activities. Moreover, Biros are sociavle towards other pets. The only problem may concern their relations with the rodents due to the presence of hunting origin remains. Despite this, if you will consider rodents as your friends, your dog wil willingly divide your point of view. Biro Yorkies don’t need walking, so that you can use small container or box as a home tiolet. But it has to be taken into consideration that little puppies adore chilling time outside. So, you should be ready to walk with them as much as possible.


Caring is not a difficult point. Just buy a shampoo for dogs and a cleanser for skin and use it once in a week on average. Brushing is required on an everyday manner. Don’t forget about stylish haircuts so that your pet will be the most attractive among all the other dogs!

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Biro York

You should care for your dog for at least several reasons:
Regular water procedures will help your dog to get rid of parasites, make his coat softer and silky, help clean pores. Admission of vitamins A and B groups will strengthen the body of the pet from the inside – will increase resistance to viruses, strengthen the immune system, increase the overall resistance of the body.

Pleasant appearance
A rare owner will want to see his pet with a cracked lump of wool. Taking care of the appearance of the dog is an obligatory part of the program "I have a dog now". Regular water procedures + combing will make your Biro York  the most beautiful dog in the area.

Taking care of your home
It is probably easier to wash one dog than to wash the whole house from the traces left. Carpets, floors, even walls – Yorkies are very fast creatures, you never know where the dog will find himself next time.

Giving care to a pet is as important as feeding and drinking it every day. Dogs are human-dependent animals, and it depends on you, as the owner, what your pet will become. Although Yorkers are very nice in themselves, they love to play and sometimes do not notice what they can reach. This is where the owner is required in order to show the dog what can and can't.

Biro Yourkshire Terriers

On average, Biro Yorkshire Terriers live between twelve and sixteen years. They, like other representatives of the breed, are predisposed to many diseases:

  • obesity;
  • ear diseases;
  • diseases of the oral cavity and teeth: abnormal growth of dental tissue, the formation of dental calculus, etc.;
  • various allergies;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • diseases of bones and muscles;
  • hydrocephalus.

Most of the above problems arise from improper dog feeding or improper maintenance.

The feeding of such dogs is strict – boiled chicken, offal, cereals, sea fish.

Caring for such a breed is not easy. They need to be combed out once a day because of the complex coat. They need to be bathed often too, using a special shampoo and balms. It is advisable to cut the nails every two weeks, check the ears, and clean the eyes only when they become dirty.

Due to the heavy grooming, it is best to wear clothes on the dog in bad weather. This makes cleaning and bathing much easier.

For even more relief, you can trim your pet. If there is no desire to do this, then you will have to constantly lay the wool in papillotes so that it does not get tangled.