Transportation of animals by plane

Transportation of animals by plane in Russia and the world

Transportation of animals by plane in Russia and the world is a special service that is ordered when buying tickets. For a pet, you do not need to buy a separate boarding pass, but you need to pay for its transportation. Whether you can take the animal with you to the salon depends on its weight and size, as well as the rules of airline and the laws of country to which you are traveling.

In what cases is transportation of animals by plane suitable?

Even people do not always tolerate air travel, and cats and dogs are even more sensitive to pressure difference and noise. Therefore, in order not to create additional stress for the pet, it is better to send him to the destination by another means of transport.  However, in the following situations, aircraft will be the best solution:

  • When traveling long distances;
  • If necessary, cross the ocean with your pet;
  • When to get to point B is necessary in a short time.

What is the cost for transportation of animal by plane?

Transportation of animals by plane abroad or in Russia is a paid service, because pets cannot be considered as baggage. There are exceptions to this rule: working or assistance dogs that accompany passengers.

In all other cases, the fare depends on the airline. Air carriers offer two payment formats: fixed cost and price calculation by weight. When choosing the second option, the animal will be weighed in the pet carrier. You can pay for the service immediately before flying at the airport.

Requirements for transportation of animals by plane

The requirements for transporting pets inside the aircraft`s cabin vary depending on the airline. Therefore, in order to avoid conflict at the registration stage, it is important to contact the flag carrier in advance to agree on the terms and conditions of flight. There is a veterinary service at the airports where you can ask what documents are needed for the pet. Typically, the list is limited to a pet passport with marks on vaccinations and microchip Implant.

For transporting dogs and cats, a container suitable in size and weight is used. Birds are carried in cages. The bottom of container should not leak moisture (for reliability, it is better to put an absorbent cloth on the bottom). It is important to provide the animal not only with fresh air, but also with the opportunity to stand inside the container, that is, the pet carrier must be spacious. It is allowed to take an animal weighing no more than 8 kg into the cabin, but dogs weighing more than 8 kg will have to sit in the luggage compartment.

Our company is engaged in the transportation of animals by plane in Russia and the world. We will prepare the pet for the flight and provide him with everything necessary during transit. Transportation by courier is carried out only in three directions: China, Mexico, Australia (in other cases, cargo delivery is suitable).