Are you going to buy a toy poodle?

We’d be glad to introduce this breed, tell you about all its peculiarities and help you become an owner of such an awesome pet.

The toy poodle is a miniature counterpart of the poodle, looking like a plush cutie. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt the dog is smart enough. Toys poodles are second to none of the other poodle breeds. The toy poodle originates from Germany, which is officially recognized. The earliest ancestors of this dog used to look for and bring hunted birds like ducks and partridges.

Dogs of this breed have a very harmonious physique, light wavy fur and quite a little weight. A mature dog on average weighs from 2.5 to 5 kilos. And its height varies from 24 to 28 centimetres from the withers to the ground. The toy poodle can easily get used to a small apartment, and it doesn’t require a lot of special care.

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We also give you an opportunity to get a teacup poodle – a designer kind of the toy poodle. They are way smaller and weigh less. While male dogs weigh from 2 to 4 kilos and are 24-27 centimetres high, she-dogs weigh from 1.5 to 2 kilos being 18-22 centimetres high.

The red toy poodle is the most expensive and popular colour.

The toy poodle is really good-tempered, it’s unobtrusive, easily recognizes the owner’s mood and don’t bother them, friendly toward family members.  They can be stubborn or wayward from time to time, but being offensive or revengeful isn’t in the nature of the breed. They are kind, calm dogs which get on pretty well with children and other pets. All that matters is that owners should protect their tiny friends from bigger animals.

Taking care of this breed includes not only usual and regular washing, cleaning ears and eyes, but also monthly cutting and weekly grooming toy poodles’ coat. They are quite neat, so owners have to worry about their comfort primarily.

The breed has lots of pros. The toy poodle isn’t a dog that might be barking and bothering owners with no reason or demanding too much attention. They are quiet, calm and shy pets.

A great advantage of the toy poodle is that it’s hypoallergenic. Its fur almost doesn’t have any specific smell, there’s no excessive shedding. Even those who are allergic to dog’s fur could get this wonderful tiny friend.

We are eager to help you purchase a red poodle or any other one at the best price. And we can assist you with delivery of a toy poodle to any part of the world.

Take a chance to get acquainted with these pets and choose a puppy in our kennel in Moscow personally or online, using videoconferencing. To perform this, you need to contact our company’s managers and they will tell you about animal delivery and arrange a private meeting with a doggy of your dream.